What are the kinds of food to avoid when breastfeeding?

What are the kinds of food to avoid when breastfeeding?

What are the kinds of food to avoid when breastfeeding?


How do I listen to a podcast?

I actually just asked this question to our audience because when I posted about it in the Facebook group, a lot of moms said they never listened to a podcast and weren't sure where to start. My favorite way is through the iPhone on the podcast app. You can search for anything, there are a lot of different ways:

  •          Apple Podcast
  •         Spotify
  •         Google Play
  •         Stitcher

You can do it on your phone so you can get the app. If you have an iPhone, you already have the podcast app or you can search it right on your desktop. For apple podcast, it's going to be through iTunes so a lot of Macs have that. Otherwise you can search podcasts on Google, also Spotify is all on your desktop as well.


Foods to avoid when breastfeeding?

In general, no foods are off limits. Ideally, you just have a balanced and varied diet. However, there are some foods that you should limit or avoid if it's affecting you negatively.

  •         Fish with high levels of mercury – tuna, swordfish, orange roughy. There's a few others but definitely look at your mercury content while eating.
  •         Herbs and supplements - if you were taking a bunch of supplements before you were pregnant like a multivitamin or extra iron, always check with your doctor when you begin breastfeeding to make sure those are still okay.
  •         Alcohol - for obvious reasons. You can absolutely safely have like a glass of wine while breastfeeding. There's definitely safe ways to do it. It's important to limit and know your limit.
  •         Caffeine - it's totally safe to have caffeine while breastfeeding. You just might notice if you reach over a certain threshold. Your baby might be a little more active so it's safe to limit to about 200 milligrams per day.
  •         Highly processed food - this goes for anyone. There's just so many processed foods out there but just be conscious of everything that you eat can potentially make its way to your milk.


How to make the lactation brownies?

Pam from Mommy Knows Best just did an awesome video on how to make our lactation brownies so I'm just going to go ahead and link it here: Lactation Brownies


What vitamins should I be giving to my breastfed 9 month old?

The best vitamins for your baby at this age are Vitamin D, Vitamin K, B12, and Iron.


Why do babies’ hands/arms roam while BF? It’s adorable, just curious.

This is something a lot of babies do while breastfeeding. It's a natural reflux and a lot of the time they're learning, they're using their senses to kind of figure things out and also repositioning themselves as they're breastfeeding.


Can being induced slow milk supply?

Just the act of getting induced, there's no research for showing it to slow your milk supply. But being induced could lead to other things that could lower your milk supply, but again there's not a ton of research for it and there's a lot of factors that complete it.


Difference between PPA and just high anxiety PP?

Postpartum Anxiety and High Anxiety are going to have a lot of similarities; you're going to feel a lot of the same things. But postpartum anxiety is typically brought on after you have your baby and a lot of your worry and anxieties is surrounded about the baby. Also a lot of times, postpartum anxiety affects everyday situations and it can interfere with your ability to function. So there's kind of different levels sometimes or you worry about different things. They can of course both be very serious though so if you are finding that it's interfering with how you live your life and you are worrying a lot, definitely make an appointment with a doctor and talk about it.


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