How soon after giving birth should I start taking lactation supplements?

How soon after giving birth should I start taking lactation supplements?

How soon after giving birth should I start taking lactation supplements?


Breastfeeding from day 1 tips and tricks

Here are some tips:

  • Breastfeeding with skin on skin contact is going to be amazing for your bond those first few days
  • Focus on getting a really good latch especially when you're still in the hospital and you have people there to help you, it's a really good time to focus
  • Keeping baby awake while she's breastfeeding is going to help her focus more on feeding instead of just drifting off. It's going to help your milk supply come in a little bit sooner.
  • Ask for help! It's so important to ask for help in those first few days
  • Those first 24 hours it's really important to let them latch on and eat as much as they can. If they ever seem interested just let them latch on because they're going to get that extra colostrum in those first 24 hours.

I know this is a long and stretched out answer but I’m going to link an interview below I did on the MomTalks with Christa show with Kristen Sorondo who's a lactation consultant and she talks about what you can expect the first 24 hours so check it out

MomTalks with Christa show with Kristen Sorondo


(If possible) At what age should a child have their own room?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that an infant sleep in the parent’s room, not share a bed, just sleep in the room and ideally they're doing that for a year but at least six months. They say that by doing this for at least the first six months helps reduce the risk of sids but again just remember that every family is different, every baby is different, so this is just what the AAP says so apply it to your life as needed.


Is it normal for colostrum and early milk to be tinged red?

Yes, this can definitely happen in the first few days after giving birth. It's a small amount of blood that could happen from increased blood flow to your breast right after giving birth. The blood should go away after about a week and with just a small amount, it's still safe for baby.


How soon after giving birth should I start taking supplements to help with supply?

Typically, in the first few days your baby is just consuming colostrum at that point and your mature milk hasn't even come in yet. It's really hard to tell if you have low milk supply or you need any help at that point. Therefore, it's best to wait until at least day 5 or so because that'll give your milk plenty of time to start coming in and if your milk has not come in by day 5, make an appointment with a lactation consultant, they can take a further look and then maybe they will start recommending taking supplements.


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