How to Protect Your Kids From Beauty Standards | Alexandra Cunningham

How to Protect Your Kids From Beauty Standards | Alexandra Cunningham

How to Protect Your Kids From Beauty Standards | Alexandra Cunningham

We've got another great episode for you today featuring Alexandra Cunningham from This Family Tree! Alexandra started This Family Tree with her husband originally on Instagram while she was pregnant. Having Lupus, there are different risks and struggles she faced during her pregnancy. She wanted to build a community to speak to, connect with, and help her along the way of this journey. As her platform started to grow, she started her podcast and also grew an audience on TikTok while being at home during the pandemic. 

What inspired her was seeing how judgmental people can be on the internet. She wanted to create funny, relatable videos and posts that showed authentic parenting. By bringing comedy to parenting, she was able to grow a community where judging other parents and their choices is not supported. A parent should choose whatever is best for their family, and we have no right to judge others in that way. Your journey is your journey! 

Alexandra then dives into beauty standards and how they affect children. Her 3 year old daughter had a small cut on her forehead for picture day, and her photos came back completely edited from any "imperfection." ⁠This inspired her to speak out. To protect our kids from beauty standards we must be careful with our words, not push insecurities onto our kids, treat ourselves kinder, and tell our children that they are beautiful no matter what.

Alexandra ends her interview with a powerful message, saying that whether it's how you parent, the choices you make for your family, how you look, how you perceive yourself, or how you are in your relationship... YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

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