Our Story

Mommy Knows Best was born from one mom's struggle with breastfeeding her first newborn.  If you’ve ever felt the stress and frustration related to a low milk supply, then you may recognize Jenny’s story.

Shortly after giving birth to her first child Kayla, Jenny noticed a drop in her milk supply.  Intent on breastfeeding, she became determined to find a natural solution to safely and quickly boost her supply.  She soon learned that she was not alone, and that other moms had also experienced the same frustrations and challenges that she had experienced as a new mom.

With that, Mommy Knows Best was conceived.
Today, Mommy Knows Best not only has market leading products to help boost milk supply, but we truly care about empowering our mom’s journey and work to empower them in every step of the way. Through our educational posts and videos, support in our online mom tribe, and sharing the stories of everyday moms, we are dedicated to making an impact and helping as many moms as possible.