Which feeding should I drop first while weaning?

Which feeding should I drop first while weaning?

Which feeding should I drop first while weaning?


If my baby sleeps all night, do I have to get up to pump?

Your body is going to be a key indicator of what to do here:

  • Are you engorged and uncomfortable? Yes, I would get up and I would pump
  • If you're sleeping comfortably and baby sleeping comfort comfortably then take the extra time and sleep and relax


What is the best order to drop feedings when weaning?

I would recommend whatever one you don't like doing the most or the one the baby has the hardest with. Typically for most moms. it's going to be the overnight one so I would start with those first because babies should have enough nutrients from the day.


Can I increase milk supply after starting solids for my baby?

Naturally, you will notice a decrease when you move the baby to solids. However, if you keep that supply and demand up, you can see an increase if you really work at it. These will all add into increasing your milk supply:

  • power pumping
  • drinking more water
  • increasing galactagogues
  • pumping on demand
  • still having that baby on breast time

If you keep consistent you should be able to increase your milk supply.


Exclusively BF 3.5 mo baby will not take a bottle! Daycare starts in a month. Any tips?

This could be a lot of different things. Most of all, they're used to you, they're used to the temperature of your milk, they're used to the milk flow in your let down.

  1. I would check the bottle to see if the milk is coming out too quickly, that could be one reason
  2. Another thing is the temperature of the milk. It might be too cold and they're just not used to it. You can warm it up or even hold the bottle under warm water for a little bit so they're used to that warmth from mom.
  3. This one's going to sound a little weird but babies can smell breast milk on you. Their sense of smell is super strong. If you have your partner, feed the baby with the bottle while you are in the other room. They're more likely to take the bottle because they can't smell breast milk on you.
  4. You just really need to be consistent. Get rid of all distractions, keep them on a schedule so they start getting used to it and just keep trying. It's gonna take some time but eventually they'll get used to it.


If a 4 wk old is gaining weight appropriately, should I wake to feed every 2 hours during the day?

Once the baby is consistently gaining weight and is back up to their birth weight then you no longer need to feed them every two hours, you should start feeding them on demand.


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