Successful VBAC After Two C-Sections | Kara Swanson

Successful VBAC After Two C-Sections | Kara Swanson

Successful VBAC After Two C-Sections | Kara Swanson

Today we decided we wanted to reshare one of our most popular interviews of all time with Kara Swanson! She deep dives on her motherhood journey while discussing how she made it possible to have a vaginal birth after having two previous c-sections. After many doctors told her no, she made sure to do her research and was determined to find a doctor who would let her have a VBAC. 

She starts off her interview by telling her birth stories of her two previous children. She went into it totally wanting a natural birth, but was shocked with the news that she would have to have a c-section. She wasn’t progressing in her labor, and the umbilical cord ended up being wrapped around her baby’s neck, so she knew she made the right call. 

Onto her second baby, she was more determined to have a VBAC. She made it clear to her doctors that that was her goal, but she ended up leaving each appointment discouraged. Come delivery day, they expressed that it probably wasn’t going to happen. Kara felt defeated, but if anything this encouraged her even more. She felt like during her first two pregnancies she didn’t seek out all of her options, and felt like she wasn’t given the proper voice. 

Come her third baby, again, doctors at this point would tell her it was near impossible to have a VBAC now after two c-sections. This is when she made the choice to shop around a bit. Talking to multiple different doctors, she finally found one that supported her dream of having a vaginal birth, and would do anything in their power to make that happen for her. Determination and going with your gut can go a long way! 


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