Encouraging Children's Imagination Through Artwork | Amy Kavelaris

Encouraging Children's Imagination Through Artwork | Amy Kavelaris

April 20, 2022

We've got another great episode for you today featuring children’s Illustrator and Author, Amy Kavelaris! Today we chat all about how important it is to encourage your children’s imagination through artwork, and all the benefits art can have on children. 

We start off the interview with Amy discussing how she got into art and what inspired her to start sketching as a kid. As her passion for art grew stronger, that further inspired her career path in becoming a children’s author and illustrator. She talks about her most recent book, Good Morning Little One, and what motivated her to share that story.

One of the biggest topics we talked about was how parents can inspire their children’s imagination.

Here are some great tips Amy gave:

  • Get outside as often as you can
  • Surround your kids with excellent content (example: books)
  • Tell and make up stories together
  • Have them discuss their artwork to you
  • Create something you find in nature with them
  • Go on adventures together

There are actually a lot of great benefits we don’t realize when it comes to encouraging art in children. Art will help your child socially, mentally, and emotionally in the expression of feelings. It also helps them verbally in translating what their art means to them. It develops these cognitive skills from a young age that are super important!


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