How to be Your Kids Safe Space | Ophelia Nichols

How to be Your Kids Safe Space | Ophelia Nichols

How to be Your Kids Safe Space | Ophelia Nichols

We've got another great episode for you today featuring TikTok star, Ophelia Nichols! Today we chat about a variety things including how she became famous, how to be your children's safe space, and also how her upbringing made her in the person she is today.

Ophelia is someone right away we could tell was authentically herself. She acts exactly how she does online in real life. This is a reason that made Ophelia get such a massive following in such a short period of time. She explains that a stitched video of hers on TikTok went viral, and her following has been growing ever since. The viral video shows a young girl wearing a beautiful dress, but the response she got from her mom included negative comments about her body. Ophelia replied to this video, without any intention of other people seeing it, and explained to the girl how she knew was she was going through because she had a mother like that too. She gave the girl compliments and reassurance her to not let other's words tear her down. The video got over 1 million views within the hour! It was that moment that Ophelia realized helping others was not only a passion, but a purpose.

She then goes into how as a parent you can be your children's safe space. It is so important to listen to your child, and make them feel heard. Make them feel comfortable enough where they can talk to you about anything, with no judgement in return. You are your child's everything, and it's important to be present, while listening and acknowledging their feelings. If they come to you and you don't give them reassurance or nurturing, they may not see you as a safe place from themselves. Understand your child's love language, and make sure they know how much you love them and will always be there for them.

Key points from interview:

- Ophelia's TikTok stardom: How a video of her responding to a young girl with body image issues made her go viral

- Why it's important to be your authentic self

- Be nice to people! Spread kindness and, "Be better, not bitter."

- How to be your child's safe space

- How to nurture, acknowledge, and be present with your children

- Her show, "Tot Talks Podcast" and how it started

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Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube: @ophelianichols


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