Overcoming the Loneliness of Motherhood | Trisha Goodall

Overcoming the Loneliness of Motherhood | Trisha Goodall

Overcoming the Loneliness of Motherhood | Trisha Goodall

We've got another great episode for you today featuring Mom Strategist, Trisha Goodall! We dive into multiple topics including reclaiming your motherhood, dealing with loneliness, and ways to shift a negative mindset. 

Trisha works as a life coach for moms, and looks at where moms are in their life and what specifically they need help on. Her ultimate goal is to bring power back into the moms life. A lot of the time when you look up parenting advice, you’ll be told online that you’re doing it wrong or there will be a lot of judgment surrounding certain topics. Trisha’s job is focused around helping moms get in touch with who they want to be, rather than who others think they should be. 

Trisha gives great advice like being aware and getting to know yourself. It’s so important to set boundaries for yourself instead of doing what it is you think you “should” do. Get to know who you are so these boundaries can be supported. Also ask yourself what kind of changes need to be shifted to better your mental state. A great example of this is from a woman she worked with who was stressed about how much she ordered take out. Trisha helped shift her mindset to help her understand why she felt this way. She helped her understand that a reason she was doing this was because the mom was prioritizing spending more time with her kids rather than spending time cooking a meal. It’s okay to shift your mindset! 

Some other great tips she gives for moms dealing with loneliness:

  • Having self-awareness
  • Setting boundaries
  • Shifting your negative mindset into positive ones
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Letting your standards slip

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