Lactogenesis: The Process of Making Milk | Kristen Sorondo

Lactogenesis: The Process of Making Milk | Kristen Sorondo

Lactogenesis: The Process of Making Milk | Kristen Sorondo

We've got another great episode for you today featuring our Lactation Consultant, Kristen Sorondo, RN, IBCLC! We dive into Lactogenesis, which is the process of how our bodies make milk. 

This is a pretty talked about topic, as many women wonder why their breast milk doesn’t come in right away or why they are having issues with their milk supply. Kristen gives great insight and tips as to why this could be, explaining that right as a woman gives birth, that is when the female hormones are at their peak. She highly recommends trying to get that stimulation within the first hour or so after giving birth. By doing so, this keeps your milk making hormones present, because in some cases the hormones will significantly decrease after the baby is born if waited too long. Kristen compares it to a hamster wheel; if the hamster is still running, the wheel is going to keep turning. 

We also got into breastfeeding moms who adopt or go through surrogacy. Since the female hormone, Prolactin, is present in every woman, pregnant or not, it is very possible for these women to breastfeed as well. Contact a lactation consultant to help you along in this journey, as they will be able to help you along. Just because you are not physically having your child doesn’t mean you can’t still have that physical bond of breastfeeding. 


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