From American Idol to Fashion Influencer | Quigley Goode

From American Idol to Fashion Influencer | Quigley Goode

From American Idol to Fashion Influencer | Quigley Goode

We've got another great episode for you today featuring American Idol Star and Fashion Icon, Quigley Goode! 

Quigley talks all about her journey on Season 8 of American Idol, mental health, and mom life! After her season on American Idol, she discusses how she felt kind of discouraged and not sure of her next move. That didn’t stop her though, as she tried on my different passions including studying TV production, becoming a broadcast journalist, and eventually leading to her passion for fashion. What she did know is she loved creating a creative outlet for her to express herself, whether that was through music or art. 

She also goes into becoming a mom during the heat of COVID and her son contracting COVID while in the hospital. As a social media influencer, she discusses how important it is to show all sides of herself. Not just the good times, but also the struggles that daily life brings on. She now shares a lot about becoming a mom, and how that has impacted her life and work as well.

Main topics she talked about included:

  • Finding her voice after American Idol
  • Fashion Inspiration
  • Empowering Women
  • New Mom in COVID pandemic
  • Taking care of mental health
  • Plans for future

“When life gets hard, the only choice that you have sometimes is to just move forwards and take one day at a time.” -Quigley Goode

Check out her links:  

Instagram: @officiallyquigley   

Tiktok: @quigleygoode 




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