Married at First Sight | Jessica Hurd

Married at First Sight | Jessica Hurd

Married at First Sight | Jessica Hurd

We've got another great episode for you today featuring Jessica Hurd from the Reality Television Show, Married at First Sight! Jessica dives into why she wanted to join the show, the process of how she got on, and her journey along the way. She now has a beautiful baby boy with her husband who she met on the show, Austin Hurd. 

Being so grateful for the opportunity to be on the show, Jessica talks about what life was like once the cameras were off. Obviously like any other couple, they’re going to go through ups and downs, but they seem to be happy and doing very adjusting to normal life! 

While pregnant, Jessica was so grateful that she had very mild symptoms. It wasn’t until week 32 where they found out that the baby was in a breech position, and Jessica did everything in her power to try and get the baby to flip (even by doing handstands in her local pool!) Once realizing the baby wasn’t going to flip, Jessica and Austin took C-Section courses to prepare and educate themselves on what to expect. She recommends this to all women, to know all their options and learn as much as they can before going into the delivery room. They ended up having their healthy baby boy on November 3rd, 2021!

She ends her interview by talking about the struggles of being a new mom and everything she has learned so far. She has learned how to be more patient, understanding, and learned how to be better at managing stress. Lastly, she gives the advice to all moms out there to not compare yourself to others, as it is easy to see what other moms may be doing “better.” While learning to stop this unhealthy habit, she reminds all moms to just do the best you can. You are enough! 


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