How do I begin to wean?

How do I begin to wean?

How do I begin to wean?



How do you know if baby has emptied breast before switching sides?

Since your breasts are actually always producing milk they are never 100% empty so your baby is going to be your best guy for this. If they're seeming full or kind of like milk drunk or sleepy that's a good sign that they're done with that side of the breast


How do you cope with leaking boobs during breastfeeding on one side?

It's exciting that your milk supply is really good so that's awesome but things you can do are the following:

  • you can get breast pads to help absorb the milk
  • breastfeeding and pumping and expressing milk more often will also help
  • when you start to feel the letdown is you can apply pressure to your nipples and that should help slow the leak


My 8 month old still wakes 3x/night to nurse. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal a lot of times between six and eight months you will notice babies naturally not wanting to feed as often at night but it's normal if they are wanting to feed more often if you would like to wean them at night there is also safe steps to be able to do so.


How to find lipase enzyme in expressed breast milk?

What you're going to do is take about two to three ounces of express milk put it in the fridge and then every hour you're going to smell and taste a very small amount and lipase is going to smell a little sour, metallic or also might taste soapy. Some moms will notice this with within one to two hours some it will take up to 18 or 20 hours and it's safe for your baby but that you might notice they'll be rejecting the milk because of the smell and taste so if you are concerned about that there are different ways that you can lower the amount of lipase in your milk.


How do I begin to wean? Exclusively pumping.

The first thing is to make sure you're doing it as gradually as possible so dropping one feeding every few days so the whole process lasts a long time.

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