What are some cues baby is ready to sleep train?

What are some cues baby is ready to sleep train?

What are some cues baby is ready to sleep train?



How soon do you see result once you start taking Brewer’s Yeast?

It's going to be different for every single mom but most of our customers notice an increase in their supply within two to three weeks of continuous use.

You can get Brewer’s Yeast here: https://bit.ly/3nzpl3f


Weaning. How to drop first morning feed? Won't take bottle from me at 1st feed.

It's recommended to drop one feed every three to four days so it takes you a total of two weeks to completely wean and then drop the least preferred feedings first and that's going to be the easiest.


Cues your baby is ready to sleep train?

If your baby is between four and six months and is sleeping longer than five to six hours or is waking up more frequently throughout the night these are all different cues that your baby might be ready to start sleep training.

I interviewed Andrea, a Baby Sleep Consultant and I’ll link her article her for some amazing information about this topic: https://www.instagram.com/babysleep.answers/


Goat's Rue is completely safe for babies? It won't give any different taste in breastmilk right?

Yes! Goat’s rue is completely safe for breastfeeding moms and babies and it should not make your

breast milk tastes any different.


Are some breasts just really resistant to being pumped/hand expression?

There's usually something that you can try to help pump a little bit more.

Think about the situation you're in:

  • are you super stressed when you're pumping?
  • are you worried?
  • if you're in a more relaxing position, raise those levels of oxytocin
  • also a lot of times people are actually using the wrong pump size

So if you think these could be the issue or if there's another issue I would make an appointment with a lactation consultant and see if they can help assist you there.


How do you introduce food but still primarily breastfeed?

There are many different ways to start introducing solids to your baby so if you want to primarily breastfeed though, breastfeed and then an hour later that is when you can slowly introduce different foods then your baby is looking at them as two different things.


When will the stretch mark cream be back in stock?

As of this writing, it is available. You can get Stretch Mark Cream here: https://bit.ly/2KADJd8


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