How do you know if your milk supply is getting low or changing?

How do you know if your milk supply is getting low or changing?

How do you know if your milk supply is getting low or changing?



If we make our baby latch at least 1 hour total in a day after every pumping session. Does that give the benefits and compensate for the nutrition and immunity of direct feeding?

This is referring to the question I did last week about saliva interacting with breast milk so she's asking if she's an exclusive pumper if at the end she lets her baby latch on will she get the same benefits. I'm not a hundred percent about this because it says saliva interacts with the breast milk. So it might not be exactly the same since she's latching on and maybe she's not really feeding from it. She's just getting comfort from it but there's definitely a lot of benefits when it comes to skin and skin contact and having your baby on the breast so that can help with your milk supply alone because of just that skin on skin contact so it might help in a different way.


How do you know your supply is getting low or changing?

Unless you are exclusively pumping and you can actually see how much you are outputting, The only way to be able to tell if your supply is getting lower is by how your baby is acting. So if your baby's not gaining weight or having enough wet diapers or even showing signs that they're still hungry after feeding that could definitely be a sign that your supply is decreasing. So I would definitely just pay attention to that and if you are concerned with your baby's waking I would consult with your doctor and see what they would suggest. You can also try taking some galactagogues.


How can I warm up BM while on the go?

Actually a ton of portable bottle warmers now that are range in all kinds of styles some you can take in the car with you with a usb or some are battery powered.


Pregnant now. Reduction 4 years ago. Nervous I won’t be able to BF. Resources and help??

The research I found says problems with milk supply can occur, but it also depends on the kind of reduction surgery you had. Some doctors will do it a different way where there's less damage. It kind of depends on that. Also, there's no way to tell we'll have breastfeeding or supply issues until after the baby comes. There isn't a way for them to check that ahead of time. So just do your best to prepare now, load up on galactagogues, and just hope for the best. 


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