How can I keep up milk supply as baby sleeps longer?

How can I keep up milk supply as baby sleeps longer?

How can I keep up milk supply as baby sleeps longer?


Which is more effective at emptying the breast, pumping or nursing?

If you're finding when they breastfeed that they are getting full before actually emptying the breast, then I would highly encourage you adding a pumping session afterwards and that will help empty your breasts better.

If you notice your baby is breastfeeding fine and emptying the one side completely, then you wouldn't have to worry about adding in that extra pumping session.

You'll just kind of have to see what works best for you and your baby.


10w pp discharge normal? No smell yellowish cream/clear/pinkish tint in color.

Typically, you will see bleeding up to six weeks or so and then past that discharge is completely normal like white or yellow or sometimes with a pinkish tint (means there's like less blood in it.)

Consult your doctor if:

  • if you start spotting
  • if you have any blood clots
  • if you find yourself in pain
  • if you start bleeding a lot more


Any tips on how to keep your milk supply up as baby starts to sleep longer.

The key is supply and demand and keeping your breasts stimulated. If your baby is going to sleep earlier and longer, add in a pumping session to where you would normally have a nursing session and that should keep your milk flow up.


EBF 7 month old is starting to nurse for shorter periods of time. Is this normal?

As some babies get older, they are able to feed much quicker so I would just pay attention to cues:

  • does he seem full after?
  • is he still hungry?
  • could he be distracted by other things in the room?
  • see if his diapers are still wet
  • he's growing then he's probably just feeding faster

Totally normal to have shorter feedings. He could just be nursing quicker.

If you have other concerns though, I would consult a doctor.


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