I want wine! What's the rule with breastfeeding?

I want wine! What's the rule with breastfeeding?

I want wine! What's the rule with breastfeeding?


When will I begin to see milk increase after taking supplements/cookies/oats/etc?

This is going to be different for every mom. Some as quickly as the next morning we'll notice a little increase but we would say if you use it consistently for up to two weeks that's when most moms will notice an increase in their supply. 

How long does it take to see an increase in your supply? Make sure that when you are adding in a supplement or a cookie, make sure that you are keeping track of the following:

  • your stress levels
  • your water intake

Make sure that you don't only depend on cookies or supplements, that you look at all areas of your life to be able to help in that area.


My pumped breast milk is so watery & I hand express for 5 mins after, how can I increase the fat?

If your milk is watery, it typically means that's hindmilk coming out, make sure you're completely emptying one side before switching to the next so the thicker, fattier milk is going to come out towards the end.

Some ways that can help with the fat content in your milk:

  • By increasing pumping and nursing sessions
  • Breast massage
  • Adding more protein into your diet


I want wine! Do I breastfeed, drink & then give pumped milk or do I wait 1 hour then breastfeed? What's the rule?

The fact of the matter is if you're not feeling anything from the glass of wine it's not going to do anything to your milk.

They say the best way if you want to have a glass of wine is to do it while you're breastfeeding because that way the milk that your baby is currently drinking was before you had a glass of wine.

By the time that glass of wine would even reach your breast milk, it would probably be another hour to three hours and the amount that would be in your breast milk would be so small that it will not have an effect on your baby.

We do want to recommend before doing any of this to consult with your doctor and getting advice from them first.


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