Will my supply decrease on my period?

Will my supply decrease on my period?

Will my supply decrease on my period?


If you don’t have period, will your supply still drop around the time you are supposed to be on it

Not necessarily! This is very individual but in general like menstruation, ovulation, and hormones, they can all affect your supply in different ways. So even though you're not getting your period you might notice a change because of other things going on. I've posted about this before and answered in q and a's but there are many ways to prepare for that. If you know your supply decreases around your period or on your period, there's different ways that you can prepare for that:

  • taking a magnesium calcium pill regularly
  • increasing the amount of iron you eat in your diet, so more meats and vegetables high in iron can really help prepare for that
  • increasing galactagogue, supplements, goats rue or lactation cookies all around that time preparing your body for the decrease in milk supply.


Bleeding reoccurred for 5 days @8wkpp could this be from increased exercise or sex?

Yes, this could definitely be from sex or a lot of exercise because if you have vaginal dryness right now it could affect that. If there's a little bit of blood, there's no reason to panic. They do say though if it's more than one or two days, you should really consult your doctor just so they can check it out to make sure there's not another underlying cause.


Does stages my cycle affect my milk production?

This is very similar to the last question but yes! Different stages definitely, some people will notice like the week before their period that their supply will decrease, some will notice the week off, and even the week after. So hormones have a big effect on our supply


Exclusively BF. 4 month old, how to introduce food? Pump & then add cereal, feed w bottle?

First you're going to want to check for signs of readiness. There's a whole list on Mayo Clinic or @solidstarts where you can see different things to look for in your baby to make sure they're actually ready for this stage. And then you'll have to decide what kind of way will work best for them. There's baby-led weaning where you slowly add in one new food item and there's a special way to do it or some doctors will suggest adding the rice cereal so you kind of see what will work best for you.


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