Natural Skin Care for Pregnant Women

Some women stop using beauty products for skin care during pregnancy, considering them harmful for the baby. And it can be easily explained, as about 60% of any substances applied on the skin is absorbed and, hence accumulated in our bodies. We are glad to see you on our website to introduce something very new! Now you can get a pregnancy-safe skin care to look well-groomed and beautiful under any circumstances. Dealing with only certified and natural pregnancy skin care products at the lowest prices, we know all about child care, and how cautiously it’s taken by every mother. That’s why we are doing best to supply you with the best safe skin products, which had successfully passed the hardest quality tests.

Pregnancy Beauty Products Are Safe for Mom and Baby

Dramatic changes of hormonal balance taking place in a woman’s organism can strongly affect the way you look during pregnancy. You may experience a strong discomfort, such as too dry, oily, flushed or peeling skin, too thin hair and, of course, emerging stretch marks. Our beauty products will suit all needs of your skin, which turns particularly sensitive in this delicate period. Each and every item available here is absolutely safe for pregnant women and their babies.

In our catalog we bring to view a number of pregnancy skin care products:

  • effective stretch-mark creams
  • cosmetic products for acne
  • various natural oils

Our beauty products will satisfy even the most demanding moms!

Get Rid of Acne

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy often leads to skin acne emerging directly on the face, as well as throughout the body. Skin ache may also be accompanied with skin irritation. Our beauty products are perfectly maintaining healthy skin color and its natural balance. Acne Treatment Cream has proven effectiveness in eliminating bacteria and slowing down their growth at the same time. Our Vie Naturelle Acne Treatment Pills Supplement of great nutritional value will keep your skin internally clean and fresh.

Forget about Stretch Marks

During gestation, the woman’s skin is exposed to microstrains, which often lead to emerging stretch marks. Natural oils and many other beneficial substances of our Stretch Mark Removal Vanishing Cream are effective not only against stretch marks, but in eradicating age spots and wrinkles as well. Vast absorption will make your skin deeply nourished preserving it elastic and tight. Persistent application during pregnancy guarantees even better long-term effect.

Healthy Skin and Gorgeous Look for Your Hair

Our beauty oil treatment is recommended at dull and fragile hairs, or increased hair losses, due to nutritional deficiencies. All components in our beauty oils got a 100% pure base containing only high-quality ingredients with no additives. Try our oil treatment not only to restore a shining look of your hair, but for soothing lotion or massage moisturizer. Each product here bears a wide range of health-giving benefits and different modes of application. Vie Naturelle Jojoba Oil serves as natural makeup remover, Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil is good for daily cooking, and Pure Castor Oil can be used within anti-acne and hair loss therapy.

Your good health is the highest priority for us. That’s why all pregnancy beauty products in our store are always selected with special thoroughness. We trust that motherhood should be honoured, as being a mother is the most precious gift given by the nature.

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