Cellulite Vanishing Cream - 4oz


Mommy Knows Best Cellulite Vanishing Cream is the perfect solution to smoothing and firming the skin. Backed by clinical testing, this cream has proven to decrease the appearance of cellulite of up to 90% over an 8 week period.

  • Active Ingredients

    CAFFEINE Known to contain theophylline, which has been proven in several studies for its effectiveness in fighting cellulite and is one of the oldest methods of cellulite reduction.

    GLAUCINE A natural plant molecule that has been proven to have a tremendous effect on a mature fat cell. Its anti-inflammatory properties and abilities to block cells from becoming mature fat cells has been proven with In-Vivo testing.

    BUPLEURUM FALCATUM Used for its ability to activate lipolysis, while also increasing the production of lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fat.

    COENZYME-A Used to promote the internal combustion of fats. It is also a crucial component in the balance between the carbohydrate metabolism and the fat metabolism.

    L-CARNITINE Directs free fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they can be broken down and converted to energy. It has a topical effect similar to a local metabolism boost, which will shrink the cells that store fat.