The Default Parent | Renee Reina

The Default Parent | Renee Reina

The Default Parent | Renee Reina

Today we talk with the amazing Renee Reina from the Mom Room Podcast! We talk all about what it means to be the default parent, mom shaming, and parenting tips. 

Renee starts her interview by sharing how she got into podcasting. This wasn’t actually her original plan, as right when COVID started she was finishing up her PHD in psychology. COVID pushed her the podcasting/ influencer route, and she loves it! Being able to chat about important topics online with other moms is so insightful and inspiring. 

One of the topics Renee touched on her own social media and podcast was the idea of the default parent. The default parent is basically the parent who in no matter what circumstance is assumed to take care of or watch the kids, with basically no questions asked. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Renee explains it in a way where since she is the stay at home mom, she is the one held responsible. Examples she gives include both parents being home, but her husband deciding he wants to make breakfast for the family or mow the lawn. While these are helpful tasks that need to be done, it’s giving that parent some alone time where they don’t have to watch the kid, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. The default parent almost has to ask permission if it’s okay to leave the child alone for a minute. This is an interesting take that a lot of other moms couldn’t put their finger on at first, but relate to so much!

Being a stay at home parent is a full time job, and I don’t think a lot of people realize that. Being home you never get a break from the kids, and you have to be “on” at all times. Renee brings a great point of view to this topic, and explains that no one should be mom shaming over what is the best fit for your family. This brings them to the topic of mom shaming, where they dive deep into breastfeeding and mom shaming, and how you can best avoid it. Put on the blinders to remind yourself of your own situation and what is best for your family.

She ends her interview by touching light on the fact that a healthy mom means a healthy baby. It’s so crucial for the mom to be in a good head space to be able to take care of her baby to the best of her ability. The system is so focused on the baby, but it's a dynamic and the mom needs to be taken into account as well.


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