Former Amish Turned Health Coach

Former Amish Turned Health Coach

Former Amish Turned Health Coach

We've got another great episode for you today featuring Health Coach and former Amish, Lizzie Ens! Lizzie unfolds what it was like for her to grow up in the Amish community, the difficulty of leaving, and also pursuing her passion of becoming a health coach. 

First, Lizzie dives right into what it was like for her growing up in the Amish community. She describes it as almost living in the 1600’s, with no electricity, indoor plumbing, or even automobiles. Growing up, she always had this curiosity to see what else was out there.

At age 19, she left the community. She knew there was more to life than what she was brought up doing, and wanted to explore that. Lizzie grew up in a world that was strict on dieting and body shaming, and knew she wanted to explore more about that field. When she first left the community, she was introduced to a whole new world of fast food. She expressed that once was out on her own, she quickly gained around 20 pounds. This was the wakeup call she needed to make some changes to her lifestyle. 

She tried multiple different diets and other exercise choices, but was never happy. She decided to go to school to get her GED and then learned that she had a passion for health and nutrition. She then became a certified health coach and began her journey of healing her body and mind. The advice she gave was that you shouldn’t have to punish yourself because you ate a cookie. She came up with her brand, “Undiet Yourself” to create a diet of freedom to heal your body from within. 


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