The Top 4 Beautiful Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

The Top 4 Beautiful Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

The Top 4 Beautiful Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

The Top 4 beautiful Benefits of Co-sleeping

The Top 4 Beautiful Benefits of Co-Sleeping

It’s no secret that life with kids often means broken sleep. This is especially true when caring for a newborn. But what if there was a way for both you and baby to get more quality sleep at night? Co-sleeping can help achieve this, along with a handful of other benefits. Read on to learn the Top 4 Beautiful Benefits of Co-Sleeping and discover why it might be the right fit for your family.

1. Supports Breastfeeding Mothers

Newborns nurse often. This means that you’re likely waking several times a night in order to breastfeed your little one. And we all know what an incredibly important bonding experience this is. Not only that, but frequent feedings will actually help stimulate breast milk production. Co-sleeping makes this entire process easier and more comfortable for both mommy and child. Whether you choose to have your infant sleep with you or sleep in their own bassinet beside your bed, be sure to practice safe co-sleeping practices.

2. Eases Separation Anxiety

The first few months of a child’s life are when they develop a sense of security and safety. They rely on you to meet all of their needs, whether that’s being fed, changed or nurtured. The simple presence of a mother is comforting to a newborn. Her smell, the sound of her heartbeat, and her voice all help soothe a little one’s anxiety. They feel safe and comfortable when you are near. Co-sleeping is the perfect way to help quell your baby’s fears at night. You can easily reach over and simply stroke their face, hand or gently rock them if they need comforting. This keeps baby from waking completely and will result in less broken sleep for you both.

3. Time for Bonding

Sleep should be a pleasurable experience. Not one that is viewed as stressful or negative. If your child sleeps better when they’re close to you, co-sleeping might be worth a try. This can be done in a variety of ways to intensify the bond between mother and child. Safely having your child sleep in bed with you is optimal but you can also put a second bed in the room or try a sidecar bed that attaches to the side of your own. You will have the pleasure of watching your baby sleep and waking up to their smiling face. As your child grows older and becomes mobile, establish an open door policy that lets your child know they can enter your bed whenever the need arises.

4. Reduces the Risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

SIDS effects infants under the age of one and strikes while the baby is asleep. It is described as the unexplained death of an otherwise seemingly healthy baby. SIDS is often referred to as “crib death” because it usually occurs while the baby is sleeping in their crib. There are a variety of external factors that are linked to SIDS. These include infants sleeping on their sides and the presence of blankets, toys or other objects in the crib. Co-sleeping can greatly reduce the risk of SIDS. That’s because you are always present and can closely monitor your child’s sleep and safety.

Co-sleeping is a beautiful experience for many mothers and their children. When it’s practiced from infancy, co-sleeping enhances the parent-child bond and creates a safer, more comforting sleep environment. For some families, continuing the practice also suits their needs. Every family is uniquely beautiful and different. Consider the needs of both parent and child when choosing your sleeping arrangement.

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