7 Fun Things To Do In Between Breastfeeding

7 Fun Things To Do In Between Breastfeeding

7 Fun Things To Do In Between Breastfeeding

7 Fun things to do in between breastfeeding

7 Fun Things to do In Between Breastfeeding

You’re starting to see a pattern. There is a time when your baby is occupied with something other than breastfeeding! She might be sleeping for a 3-hour stretch in the late morning or afternoon. There might someone to help with the baby in the form of your partner or friend. If leaving your home is not possible today, there will be an hour or two in the day when your baby is awake and alert, content to lie beside you watching a mobile or listening to music.

Here are 7 Fun Things To Do in Between Breastfeeding:

Call Your Best Friend

Do a Pinterest craft

Take a Bath

1. Call your best friend

Ask lots of questions about what they’ve been doing, what they are making for dinner or their latest contract at the office or maybe your friend needs your sympathetic ear. Keep your dearest friends close.

2. Do a craft you’ve saved on your Pinterest board

Lay out that pattern and make those drawstring pants that you’ve been meaning to do for 3 weeks now.  Make it a 2-day project or 3, if that’s the time you’ve got. Be happy with your advances, however partial.  Get the finished product in sight so you can see your accomplishments every day.

3. Take a bath

Leave your sleeping baby on the other side of the closed door. You will be able to hear her if she cries. This time is for you. Bubbles? Yes please. Bring a book and get lost in the words.

4. Armchair travel

Choose deluxe apartments in Paris or a villa outside of Florence...3 bedrooms of course, your live-in dream nanny needs her privacy (when she is not catering to your baby.) AirBnB.com or Homeaway.com can keep you dreaming for hours. Mark your favorites and come back to your list to change your lodging choices to suit your fancy...maybe a spa with a swimming pool?

5. Make your future adventures list

Want to see Aurora Borealis? Walking part of the Appalachian Trail? The Camino de Santiago? Choose something close to your home and make plans to make it happen on a chosen date, 1 month away. Something to look forward to will keep you focused and engaged for the next 30 days.

6. Start a puzzle

Whether a jigsaw puzzle, the Sunday Crossword, Sudoku, these simple pleasures can take your mind to quiet places. An hour or two, away from the stresses of your daily routine, will relax you and get your brain focused in on a simple, pleasurable task.  Come back to your puzzle again and again, whenever you realize a free-ish hour this week. You will be able to see small accomplishments that make a great finished project.

7. Arrange for a babysitter and get out of the house

Take a yoga class, a walk in the woods or for something completely different, go to the chocolate shop.  Savor a hot chocolate there, all by yourself, and don’t forget to bring a treat home for your partner. Even getting out of the house for 30 minutes can allow you to break away and relax for a little bit.

Small breaks in your day to do something you really enjoy is a great way to fill your cup and make you feel refreshed. Don’t forget, Mom needs care too. 

What are some of your favorite past-times in between breastfeeding?

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Paula Zindler

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