How to Increase supply after 5 months postpartum?

How to Increase supply after 5 months postpartum?

How to Increase supply after 5 months postpartum?


Does your daytime milk supply compensate when the baby starts sleeping through the night?

The main thing you need to worry about is as long as your baby's growing and they have wet diapers then you shouldn't have to worry about waking them up to feed them throughout the night. Some moms continually will pump at night but it just depends on your child's; keep supply up or to keep extra supply in the freezer but as you notice your baby getting older you'll notice they can go longer between feedings and eventually they'll be able to drop feedings so during the day you should have enough milk to supplement them throughout the night.


Exclusive nursing since furloughed. Trying to pump to get stash for back to work. Lower supply than before? Thought, help to increase?

I actually just posted about tips for pumping when you go back to work and then for getting your milk supply up. It's super important that you increase the supply and demand, so right after you breastfeed, add in a pumping session. Also massaging the breast while pumping can yield up to 41 percent more milk so that was a tip that I learned from mountain mama lactation so definitely try that as well. And of course increase your supplements and galactagogues so those can help increase oxytocin levels like the lactation cookie it tastes good it's also loaded with a bunch of nutrients and vitamins so that'll be huge.

4 Tips for Pumping At Work


Can brewers yeast help with weight loss?

No direct correlation between brewers yeast and weight loss however it's a great source of protein and energy and it's loaded with vitamins and nutrients so it could definitely help maintain a healthy weight. 

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Brewer's Yeast Powder
  • Brewer's Yeast Powder is an excellent source of Protein, Iron, B Vitamins, and Selenium.
  • It boosts energy levels and helps combat fatigue.
  • It also elevates mood and sense of well-being.
  • And lastly, it's a nutritious lactation support for breastfeeding moms!


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Little worried. What should I do if Goat’s Rue didn’t help me boost my milk supply?

We certainly wouldn't want you to have to pay for something that you're not seeing successful results with so we're here to help you and we can help you find a new product and something that might work better for you.


When starting baby on BLW, should you offer BM in a cup and then the breast? Or just breast?

Typically when you are weaning you will still breastfeed as normal with your baby on the breast and then once they are full about an hour later you will start bringing in a new kind of food it also just depends on the kind of weaning you're doing.


Can you increase supply after 5 months PP?

I actually just did a post about some steps you can take to increase your supply and you can certainly do it after five months I've seen moms do it before it will take dedication for sure but with the right steps you can certainly do it.

Here are the key things to increase supply.

  • Increasing the supply and demand so if you're nursing more and pumping more.
  • Staying hydrated like making sure you're drinking a ton of water you might feel like you're drinking a lot but maybe get one of those water bottles where you can track how much you're actually drinking and make sure you stick to it because you need water and you need to be hydrated in order to produce more milk.
  • Checking your diet making sure you're well balanced getting nutrients and supplements if you maybe are lacking in a certain vitamin and that goes into galactagogue so if you want to boost your milk supply also increasing your galactagogue so lactation cookies, oatmeal, brewer's yeast, flaxseed, different things like that will naturally help boosts your milk supply.
  • Making sure your child finishes completely on one side before going to the next and that is actually shown to also help increase your milk supply.



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