How can I introduce bottles to my EBF baby?

How can I introduce bottles to my EBF baby?

How can I introduce bottles to my EBF baby?


Baby turning 5 months on the 8th. How do I introduce food if I'm exclusively breastfeeding? 

First and foremost, it's really important to look for readiness signs:

  • one is that they can sit up on their own
  • sit with their head up on their own
  • showing interest in your food and chewing is a big sign they're ready

It's recommended to continue breastfeeding while you are introducing solids into your baby's life so it's added as a way to be complementary to breastfeeding and not to replace it. I also highly recommend checking out @solidstarts on instagram. She's amazing and has some great advice, some great tips for how to introduce solids into your baby's diet. i actually just interviewed her from MomTalks last week so her interview will be out probably in a couple months now but check her out in the meantime she's got some great advice for introducing solids.

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Will you be restocking the GF DF cookies soon?

Yes, I'm happy to tell you we have a production going on next week so they should be available in the next couple of weeks there. They just sell so fast because so many moms love them. Yes, they will be out soon.




My baby is 3 weeks old and has been exclusively breastfeeding. How can I introduce bottles?

There are a couple different tips i have for introducing a bottle to your exclusively breastfed baby

  • getting a slow flow nipple and this way it'll work a little bit more like the breast and the milk flow won't be as heavy and so they can slowly adjust to a bottle and also having only a small amount in there just so that they can get used to it.


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