Gift Guide for Grandparents

Gift Guide for Grandparents

Gift Guide for Grandparents

Gift Guide for Grandparents

If you are a seasoned parent I’m sure you have learned the lesson that some products are just made for the Grandparents to buy. As a new mom, I wanted the very best for my baby (don’t we all?), but I have learned pretty quickly, that Grandparents are 100% more likely to splurge on your child than you are.

Take advantage of that!

Here are 5 practical gifts to ask your child’s Grandparent for:

1. Sophie la Girafe Teether - Oh, Sophie, you expensive trendy toy, you. This teether is adorable, no doubt, but that price tag ($24.99) screams, “Grandma, buy me!”

2. Wubbanub Pacifier - You will go through approximately 8,939 pacifiers before your child celebrates their first birthday, so let Grandma and Grandpa buy this one. Ringing in around $14.95, these adorable stuffed animal pacifiers are definitely worth it. They are much easier to find in the middle of the night, for you and your baby, which also means they are harder to lose. There are so many options from a Giraffe to match your Sophie Teether to a baby Dinosaur , you can find one to match your preference.

3. The Nest Home Security - Listen, I get it. This seems like such an unnecessary purchase. This is one of those things that you don’t know you need it until you have it. There are a variety of different package options to best suit your home security needs. The best part is that the cameras can be streamed right to your smartphone so you can check in on your home any time.

4. Diaper Genie - This won’t break the bank and will save you from having to run multiple stinky diapers to the garage all day and night. We didn’t have one for our first child and it was a MUST HAVE on my list for our other babies. I was due shortly after Christmas with our last so I asked my Dad for this as one of my Christmas presents and I was PUMPED to have this. I still am! They come in a variety of different colors now which can be fun when decorating a nursery.

5. Sound Machine - Here is something that is not technically necessary but is super useful nonetheless. There are so many options but this one is one of my faves that doesn’t cost you your child’s college fund. Not only does it have basic white noise settings, but it’s also a bluetooth speaker. As if that wasn’t enough reason to buy it, it can be connected to a voice app that lets you send your child personalized messages. So cool! If you are looking for one that sits on your child’s dresser or nightstand, this one is a great option. They don’t have an overwhelming amount of options and it is user friendly. I have one that sits in my daughter’s room and also one that is more on-the-go friendly.

This list can go on and on and it only grows the more your child does. This is a good place to start when thinking about what to ask Grandma and Grandpa for, for your child. Do you have a parent who is bad at giving practical gifts? Don’t be afraid to ask them for specific things! A lot of the time, they just have no idea what to get your child and would be more than happy to get some suggestions from you.

Amanda Hull

Mommy Knows Best - Brand Communications Manager

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