Lactation Cookie Mix - Rainbow Candy - 16 oz



    • FENUGREEK FREE - The only lactation snacks available for mothers that pack the delicious flavor of chocolate candies into each mouth-watering cookie. Only 150 Calories per serving!
    • OATS, BREWERS YEAST, & FLAXSEED - Key ingredients traditionally used to boost breastmilk supply - Already measured and mixed for you, these ingredients have been used for generations to aid with increase breastmilk production.
    • LACTATION CONSULTANT RECOMMENDED Nursing Treats - Naturally support a healthy supply of breastmilk without risking the potential side effects of herbal supplements.
    • DELICIOUS AND EFFECTIVE SNACKS FOR LACTATION SUPPORT Eliminate the need for supplements or use as an additional booster for producing breast milk. Great alternative to lactation tea, smoothies, protein powders, bars and brownies!
    • EXCELLENT SOURCE OF KEY VITAMINS AND MINERALS - Nursing mothers need a ton of nutrients to stay healthy, happy, and full. Each serving is filled with healthy amounts of calcium, folic acid, and iron, Enjoy a lactation supplement that you can eat!.

Easy to Make!