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Tim Tierney - CEO

As the CEO of Mommy Knows Best, Tim Tierney is responsible for running all facets of the business.  Having a background in Health & Fitness, Tim likes to encourage everyone on the team to stay active and have fun throughout the day.  Once asked what the best investment he's ever made is; he answers unequivocally; our ping pong table!

Jennifer Tierney - Co-founder

As the co-founder of Mommy Knows Best, Jennifer’s idea for the company was born shortly after the birth of her daughter, Kaela. Like many moms she began experiencing a low milk supply almost immediately.  Committed to finding a natural solution, she went to work in the kitchen experimenting with different herbs and ingredients used for generations to treat low milk supply. Today, Jenny (and her husband Tim) have two happy and healthy children.  When she’s not chasing them, she continues to come up with new and exciting solutions for moms that experience the same challenges that she once faced as a new mother.

Shahnawaz Sheikh - COO & CMO

As the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer Shay is responsible for  the smooth functioning of the company along with growing and expanding the brand. Result driven, he loves challenges and has a knack of solving a multitude of complex problems with ease. He strongly believes that anything can be solved by applying common sense, reasoning and logic. As a father of 3 he loves to spend time with his family and pursues his other passion of playing tennis regularly.

Jessica Hanlin - Customer Service Specialist

Jessica is our Customer Service Manager.  She ensures that you are not only happy with our products but who we are at Mommy Knows Best.  She is personally invested in Mommy Knows Best as she is a mom to 3 boys herself.  Don't ever hesitate to reach out to her at

Pam Munoz - Operations Manager

Pam is the Operations Manager at Mommy Knows Best. She makes sure that all aspects of the business are running smoothly by ensuring that everyone has what they need to do their part. She is not only the Office Mom, but a mom to three girls of her own! 

Christa Knight - Brand Marketing Manager

Christa is the Brand Manager at Mommy Knows Best. She manages all aspects of social media outreach - from populating the pages with informational posts about motherhood, to being the admin of the private Facebook group: Mommy Knows Best Judgement Free Mom Tribe, to hosting the online show, MomTalks with Christa. There she interviews an array of women sharing knowledge, and personal experiences, stories of strength.
While not at work, you can find Christa either staying active by running or lifting weights, working on an art project, writing, or attempting to make a recipe she found on Pinterest.

Mathew Duarte - Warehouse

Mathew is part of the MKB warehouse crew. He takes care of the shipping/receiving of all our products and makes sure you get your order on time and in good condition! 

Hannah Ihssen - Supply Chain Manager

Hannah is the Supply Chain Manager at Mommy Knows Best! She is responsible for everything surrounding supply chain, logistics, and procurement of goods for the company. When she isn't creating excel spreadsheets and shipments, she enjoys curling up with a horror novel next to a fireplace, or on a boat in Lake Geneva! 

Junior Lerias - Warehouse

Junior is on the MKB warehouse crew. He helps to maintain our operations there and makes sure that your packages arrive to you safely. Junior loves mountain biking and is a father of four fantastic kids.

Brandon Sherman - Lead Graphic Designer

Brandon is the in-house Graphic Designer for MKB. He handles all of our packaging, website, amazon banner designs, and more. If there's a project that requires a creative eye, it passes by Brandon at one point or another.