Amelia Lewis

Gluten and Dairy Free Expert

Hi, I'm Amelia! I love to help and advocate for others in the food allergy community using my personal journey and experience. My allergy journey started in 2017 when my 11 month old daughter had an anaphylactic reaction to cows milk. That frightening experience led me as a nursing mother to immediately cut all dairy from both our diets and on an extensive journey with numerous specialists, allergists and self-education. I helped to moderate a large Facebook group, Dairy-free Diet Breastfeeding of 50k+ mothers on the same journey. I have knowledge on updated allergy testing practices, IgE and Non-IgE allergies, FDA labeling laws, allergy community representation, rectifying manufacturing labeling errors and have a personal interest in giving nursing mothers with allergy babes support and a voice! It gives me joy to be able to use what seemed like a tragedy to help others just like you!

Liesel Teen

Liesel is a labor and delivery nurse from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a mom, wife and business owner! She works part-time at the hospital she delivered her own son at, and spends the rest of her time blogging and creating captivating Instagram content for her brand - Mommy Labor Nurse! She started her brand in February of 2018 as a way to educate more moms in the online space about the birth process. After having such a fulfilling birth experience at her hospital, she felt that she wanted to educate other moms in hopes that more women feel empowered and educated about their births, instead of scared and anxious. She has always had a passion for educating women and thoroughly enjoys spreading knowledge and awareness about birth!

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Dr. Amna Husain


Amna Husain, MD, FAAP, is a board certified pediatrician and lactation consultant who single-handedly started NJ’s first pediatric direct primary care (DPC) pediatric practice, Pure Direct Pediatrics in Monmouth County. In addition to her pediatric practice, Dr. Husain also runs a Healthy Weight Clinic for school age children and teenagers who struggle with obesity and teaches private classes to expecting couples on Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Basics. Prior to moving to NJ, Dr. Husain worked at Georgetown Hospital. She and her husband, a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, made the decision to move to his home state of New Jersey after the birth of their daughter. In her free time, she keeps herself busy with energetic toddler daughter, testing out new recipes, and exercising! Dr. Husain is passionate about creating a pediatric practice for today's millennial mom, by creating the perfect meld of great pediatric medicine with ease of modern technology. Her practice offers home visits in addition to office visits, direct physician access, and the comfort of a medical home.

Dr. Ashurina Ream

Dr. Ashurina Ream is a licensed clinical psychologist with advanced training in perinatal mental health. Her passion for this population arose after becoming a mother herself. She recognized the limited support and education in the community regarding the care for women. This resulted in her pursuing additional education for those impacted by perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Ream is a wife, mother, and friend. She enjoys being connected with others and building community.

Licensed Psychologist and Perinatal Mental Health Counselor

Kristen Sorondo


Kristen Sorondo is a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant from Orlando, Florida. She has been a nurse for 14 years and a Lactation consultant for 10. Currently, she is the Birth Coordinator and LC at Oviedo Medical Center while maintaining her private practice as a LC and a night nurse. She has been married for 21 years and a mom to 4 beautiful girls. Kristen worked at a small community hospital in NC to one of the largest Women and Babies hospital in the US; Winnie Palmer Hospital for 13 years. Kristen has been TOTS trained and works with a team approach with babies that have feeding issues. “Breastfeeding is not always easy but is always worth it!”