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Must-have Breastfeeding Supplies

Women have been breastfeeding their infants from the beginning of time as it is healthy and beneficial for both newborns and their moms. However, it’s not the process that always easily happens on its own. After all, your baby has never eaten from a breast before, and you have never breastfed your newborn too. It’s a new experience for both, and it’s necessary to get well-prepared to it.

Nursing is Easy with Our Products

There are so many things that have to be prepared when expecting a baby. You have to make sure you have clothes, diapers, wipes, and other baby gear. Breastfeeding items are usually on the top of the must-have lists of all moms-to-be. For this reason, Mommy Knows Best has created the collection of things to ease the process of feeding your baby. No need to look around for a breastfeeding store, as you can find all the essentials at our online store. We offer:

  • Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads are washable, soft, breathable, and light. Bamboo pads absorb more water than other conventional fibers. Owing to an antimicrobial bio-agent in bamboo fibers, our pads are antifungal and antibacterial. Unlike disposable cotton pads, they don’t harm the environment. Our pads will easily fit your bra providing breathability and comfort that will make you forget that you have them on.
  • Baby Bottle Cooler Bag will keep your breast milk cool and free of bacteria. It maintains the right temperature for approximately 6 hours. The bag is good for five 5oz baby bottles or 5 Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. It is perfect for moms on the go as it is easy to carry and it keeps milk fresh. The bag has an extra padding and front storage pocket.
  • Extra Tall Cooler Bag can hold up to five 8oz baby bottles. This cooler bag is a great insulated storage for breast milk. It has an air-tight design allowing to lock in the cold and preserve important milk nutrients. The bag has an adjustable strap allowing to carry it on a shoulder, reinforced steel zipper, and a front pocket. It can also be used for carrying breastfeeding equipment.
  • New Mother Gift Set will help you to be prepared to pregnancy. It is a baby bottle cooler bag filled with breastfeeding accessories such as bamboo pads and the maternity support belt. The bag also contains a stretch mark cream and some lactation supplements. The gift set will give you comfort and provide the necessary care during and after pregnancy.

Mommy Knows Best products are highly recommended by many mothers. We care for you and want to help you meet your breastfeeding needs. If you have any questions, contact us today by e-mail: [email protected] or phone: (800)323-2510.