Powerful Quotes from Amazing Women | Featuring various clips from show interviews

Powerful Quotes from Amazing Women | Featuring various clips from show interviews

October 20, 2021

Hey there, thanks for tuning into this episode of MomTalks with Christa. I’m your host Christa and this week, I decided to do something a little bit different. We have so many different interviews on the show, so many amazing women that come on, and there's a lot that we cover. This week, there is no fresh interview but what we are going to do is repurpose those interviews into amazing little montage if you will and sharing some powerful quotes from a few of the interviews. So, if you're feeling down, or you're feeling defeated, or you just need some words of encouragement, this episode is for you. Here it is. Just an amazing little montage we put together for you. Enjoy.

It gets better, I’ve personally been in like very hard spots in my life. I have seasonal affective disorder. I’ve gone through depression, anxiety, and if I could go back to my own self and just tell myself like dude, it gets better. Everything is temporary, every feeling, every moment, every phase is just temporary. There's going to be a new one in like, moments you might like experience. The small moments that can't be explained. I believe like the time flies; you'll never know when your baby will grow up. So just enjoy the small moments. You never know this time won't come back and I would say to every mom, you can yell at your kids, you can be frustrated with them, you can need a break, and you're still a good mom. The very fact that you worry like, am I a good mom? means that you're a good mom and that's something that I have had to learn and remind myself almost daily. Like you can feel like a terrible mom but you are given these kids for a reason and you're the best mom for them regardless of how you feel. I would say not to isolate, reach out, find someone that you can lean on that you can share those moments with because I think in those moments of struggle, sometimes reaching out is the scariest thing to do. But just being heard can help so much. Ask for help wherever you can, whether it's professional help, family help, spouse a neighbor, ask for help when you need it. No one's going to judge you or put you down because you need help like we're not meant to do it all. We're as moms like I think that we forget that we're not really superheroes. We're just human and we're going to have a lot of feelings, and when I need to tag myself out, I find a way to tag myself out. I’m like I need a break, I’m out like you, whether it's my husband, or my in-laws, and I’m so grateful that I have that kind of support. I don't think we're meant to do it all alone. My parents did it with the village.  


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