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January 29, 2020

💗Lactation counselor 💗Flight Attendant 💗 Mother 💗Breastfeeder 💗Friend 💗 Outreach 💗Advocate


WOAH. There are so many words to describe who Rashidah is, but most of all, Rashidah is SELFLESS. This interview is PACKED to the brim with information, so sit back and enjoy! We've also worked this interview into TWO parts so you can really absorb the information.

It was amazing to not only interview Rashida and hear her story, but to feel how much she cares about the many women she helps.

She speaks about breastfeeding as a tradition in her family, inducing lactation for her sister's adopted son, and using her time and resources to help homeless women with breastfeeding.

Thank YOU, Rashidah, for all you do!