Tips to Prevent & Treat Mastitis

Tips to Prevent & Treat Mastitis

Tips to Prevent & Treat Mastitis

We love to share and talk about the upside to breastfeeding. It’s an amazing bonding moment for mom and baby and allows baby to get nourished. However, many moms (as many as 1 in 10 breastfeeding women) get mastitis. This can be very painful and uncomfortable for mom and baby, so we want to share some helpful tips on how you can prevent and treat mastitis.
Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that can sometimes lead to infection. The inflammation results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness. Some may also experience fever and chills. 

It is caused by milk that is trapped in the breast, but other causes include:
  • A blocked milk duct: When breasts don't completely empty during a feeding, one of your milk ducts can become blogged. This blockage can further cause milk to back up, which is what leads to breast infection.
  • Bacteria entering your breast: Bacteria can enter milk ducts through the cracked skin of your nipple or through a milk duct opening. This creates a breeding ground for the bacteria. Make sure to be sanitary and use nipple cream!

Here are our best tips on how you can prevent and treat Mastitis at home:

1. Wear a comfortable, well-fitted bra
2. Empty breasts frequently
3. Make sure baby has a good latch
4. Apply warm compress and massage
5. Pump after nursing
6. Get plenty of rest
7. Nurse on the affected side first
To get the best start on your breastfeeding journey, and to avoid complications such as mastitis, we always recommend meeting with a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant can give you tips while providing great advice for proper breast-feeding techniques.

To help with Mastitis and other things that come along with breastfeeding, try out these products!

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Check out of interview with Kristen Sorondo, RN, IBCLC, where she dives deeper into the topic of Mastitis!