Nursing Friendly Swimsuits that won't Break the Bank

Nursing Friendly Swimsuits that won't Break the Bank

Nursing Friendly Swimsuits that won't Break the Bank

Nursing Friendly Swimsuits that won't Break the Bank

You’re enjoying a nice family day out at the beach and suddenly you feel it... the let down.

It’s obviously hot out and the last thing you want to do is completely cover up and turn your baby’s lunch time into a sauna sweat fest.

Now, I have done a decent amount of research into nursing friendly swimsuits and there are a lot of options...if you don’t mind giving up all of your fashion sense. One quick google search of “nursing friendly swimsuits” will show you what I’m referring to as “My Grandma’s Swimsuit”. Ladies, you do not have to sacrifice fashion in the name of function!

And then I found it...a swimsuit brand that will give you both style and accessibility. I honestly don’t think the words “nursing” or “breastfeeding” are even on their website, which is probably why their suits are so adorable.

Here are the 8 best nursing friendly swimsuits I found at Cupshe and even better news...they won’t break the bank! 

1.  Keeping You Accompanied Stripe One-Piece - I love the colors of this one and the ruching to cover up the mom-pooch.

2.  Deep Feelings Cross One-Piece - I am a sucker for black. It’s very flattering and looks good on everyone.

3.  Flare To Spare Print One-Piece - This one has two beautiful patterns to choose from and is definitely on the sexier side for a one-piece.

4.  Magic Fairy High-Waisted Bikini Set - I mean, this one just has a fun name! This is your modern day tankini and SO adorable. It has high-waisted bottoms that are complimented with a flared out bikini top. So flattering!

5.  Court and Spark Fresh Leaves Bikini Set - If you just can’t even deal with wearing a one-piece (I get it), this suit is sexy while still keeping the girls covered.

6.  Out of the Ordinary Stripe Bikini Set - A very simplistic and sleek pattern for those wanting a pattern that isn’t too bright or busy.

7.  Fresh Aroma Solid Bikini Set - Let the understated girliness of this one speak for itself. Both colors are perfect for Summer and I can almost feel a warm summer breeze just from looking at this suit.

8.  Cold Wind Halter Bikini Set - The bottoms on this one are a perfect middle ground if you’re not into a high-waisted bottom or a super low-cut bikini bottom.

No matter if you are a one-piece or a two-piece kind of gal, it’s important to be comfortable and to love the skin you’re in! I get it, pregnancy does a number on your body but don’t let that keep you from enjoying the summer sun with your family. So this summer, do yourself, your girls, and your baby a favor, and treat yo’self to a nursing friendly, non-grandma looking, swimsuit! YOU deserve it!

Amanda Hull

Mommy Knows Best - Brand Communications Manager

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