3 Days Of Mini Tips For More Breast Milk-Day 3

3 Days Of Mini Tips For More Breast Milk-Day 3

3 Days Of Mini Tips For More Breast Milk-Day 3

Mini Tips - Day 3

Increase Your Muscle Tone & Circulation, And Your Breast Milk Will Flow!

Day 3’s smart mini tips are about movement, gradual strength-training and increasing your breast milk supply through better health.


What?? Call it your morning movement routine instead. You’ll be more likely to sustain it. Slow and steady… mild to moderate… low impact activities allow your ligaments, stretched during pregnancy and childbirth, to recover.

This morning invigorate yourself with a mild 10-15 minute walk with your baby. Start slowly and add 5 minutes each day, try walking uphill for boost in energy output… if you are able. Walking while wearing your baby provides a moderate increase in energy requirements and will increase your heart rate, improve your circulation and cause you to breathe more quickly and deeply. Mild to moderate means you can still speak smoothly without stopping to catch your breath. Your baby is gaining 1-2 ounces every day and is your gradual strength-training partner. Your breast milk in your baby makes you stronger simply by carrying her around! Once you have received clearance from your health care provider, add some core strengthening and stretching activities to help regain strength and tone in the muscles most affected by your pregnancy. This video shows how you can hold your baby close while increasing your movement right in your living room.



Think ahead, plan your walk after your baby is fed and your breasts are lighter. This will settle your baby in for a few hours and you will be more comfortable with breasts that are not heavy with milk. A supportive bra is a must for these walks. Before and during your walk, drink water. You will not become dehydrated from today’s walk but as you build up your duration and energy output over time you might. Perspiration and mouth breathing also deplete your fluids. Keep up your breastmilk supply by replenishing with water whenever you become thirsty.

A higher level of cardiovascular fitness, a feeling of well-being from improved energy, reduced stress levels and more mother-baby closeness can help you feel better, both mentally and physically. Staying active while breastfeeding increases endorphins, which are known to improve feelings of self worth, ward off feelings of depression and improve sleep.

Follow these 3 days of Mini Tips for a healthier you. You can produce all the milk that you need for your growing baby if you eat oatmeal and drink stout (Day 1), if you breastfeed and pump regularly (Day 2) and don’t “work out.”

Paula Zindler

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