Gift Ideas for the New Dad in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the New Dad in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the New Dad in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the New Dad in Your Life

If you have a new mom in your life, you probably want to get her a really amazing gift this holiday season. After all, she’s been working tirelessly to care for her new baby and likely needs a little pampering. But what about dad? Doesn’t he deserve to be spoiled and appreciated since becoming a father? Here are a few awesome gift ideas for the new dad in your life that will show him how much you care.


Tile Mate

Let’s be honest. While we adore the men in our lives and their effort to help take care of your new addition and other household chores, not many have mastered the art of multitasking. That means they can sometimes be forgetful. So what better gift to give than the Tile Mate. The man in your life can attach this nifty little tile to his keys and will know where they are at all times. The tile is Bluetooth capable which means dad’s phone can alert him to where the tile is at all times. And what’s even better is that he can easily attach the Tile Mate to anything - his wallet, the TV remote, or his slippers!


Diaper Backpack

If you have a new, hands-on dad in your life it likely means he’s changing diapers, heating bottles, dressing, and taking your little one on walks or out to run errands. It also means that dad probably doesn’t want to stroll around wearing a feminine or flowered diaper bag over his shoulder. Find your man a stylish, manly backpack that doubles as a diaper bag. These versatile bags have all the necessities and conveniences of a regular diaper bag including pockets for bottles, a changing pad, and plenty of storage. What’s even better is that dad can place the bag on his back and have two free hands for taking care of baby.


Nespresso Machine

While a new baby brings endless joy into a home, it also brings sleepless nights and the need for rejuvenation. And what better way to get a much-needed pick me up than with a delicious hot cup of espresso? If the new dad in your life loves coffee, he’ll love a cappuccino or espresso machine which puts a fancy spin on the average cup of joe. Not to mention, espresso packs quite a punch in the caffeine department which dad will appreciate next time the baby cries for another nighttime feeding. There’s something indulgent about having a cappuccino brewed in the comfort of your own kitchen. Pair this gift with a personalized mug and the new dad in your life is sure to feel loved and appreciated.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

The only thing harder to adjust to than sleepless nights for new dads is the noise level. Yes, baby’s cry and yes, they’re loud! The man in your life might not be accustomed to a crying baby and could use a few minutes of peace and quiet. Which is why a comfortable set of noise-canceling headphones make the perfect gift. Most headphones are wireless, which make them convenient and Bluetooth compatible. Dad can relax and listen to some music or watch his favorite sporting event on his tablet or computer. A few moments to indulge (quietly) in something he enjoys, will leave the new dad in your life feeling energized and ready to jump back in the parenting game.

Gifts giving is the opportunity to show the important people in your life how much you care. It’s also a time to give them something truly meaningful that they’ll appreciate and use. So when it comes to choosing gifts for the new dad in your life, consider what will make their transition into parenthood easier and show them that you think they’re doing a great job!

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