6 Signs Your Baby Loves You

6 Signs Your Baby Loves You

6 Signs Your Baby Loves You

6 Signs Your Baby Loves You

There’s no denying the unconditional love a mother feels when she first sets eyes on her newborn. You could spend hours simply watching them sleep. Completely mystified by their tiny hands and feet, button nose, and curious eyes. But do you ever wonder if your infant loves you back? Of course, they cry when they need you, look to you for food, comfort, and soothing, but do those “needs” equate to “love”? Read on to discover a few amazing ways that you can tell your baby truly loves you too!

1. Makes Eye Contact

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The connection you feel when staring into your baby’s eyes is real. While their eyesight is still developing, they can absolutely see you. And staring back at you, examining your face and pausing for a moment, are all signs that they recognize and adore you. Almost as much as you adore them!

2. Giggles and Smiles

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There’s no better sound than hearing the delight of your baby. During those bonding moments of eye contact and play, your little one will start to smile, giggle, and maybe even belly laugh. These are all signs that they love being around you and that they’re happy and content.

3. Turns Towards You

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Does your baby look in your direction or wiggle their way around their crib or play mat to get a better look at you? Does your infant turn toward you when they hear your voice or see you coming? That’s because they love you. It’s also a representation of the strong bond you’ve shared since conception. Studies show that infants are born recognizing the sound of their mother’s voice.

4. Lights Up When They See You

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Although this is a common expression, the delight on your infant’s face when they see you is a great indication of how much they love you. Your baby will likely react physically to you by kicking their legs, moving their hands, smiling, and wiggling their bodies. That’s because they’re excited to see you. This is an especially warming feeling first thing in the morning or when seeing your baby after several hours apart.

5. Comforted by You

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Mothers seem to have the special touch when it comes to comforting their little ones. Are you the only one who can calm your baby or rock them to sleep? Does your little one seem to melt into your arms and completely relax? The fact that only you have the right touch, stroke, and voice to soothe your little one is another sign of how much they love and need you.

5. Experiences Separation Anxiety

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As heartbreaking as it can be to see your little one cry in your absence, it’s a sure sign that they love and depend on you. Whether it’s dropping your baby at daycare, leaving them with a babysitter, or simply leaving the room! When your little one cries if you’re not in eye-sight, it’s because they miss you. They feel safe and comforted in your presence. And there’s no doubt that you’ll both be delighted when you’re reunited again.

Mothers never doubt the unconditional love they feel for their babies, but it’s natural to wonder if your little one loves you back. Pay close attention to how your infant reacts to your touch, voice, and presence, and you won’t have to wonder anymore! Their love will be clear and irreparable.

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