Lactation Brownie Mix - Double Chocolate Brownie - 24 oz

  • ONLY 150 CALORIES PER SERVING - FENUGREEK FREE - Mommy Knows Best created this new brownie mix as a great substitute for breast feeding mothers who are sensitive to goats rue, blessed thistle or supplements used for boost milk supply.
  • OATS, BREWERS YEAST, & FLAXSEED - Key ingredients traditionally used for increased breastmilk supply. Already measured and mixed for you, these ingredients have been used for generations to aid with increase breastmilk production.
  • LACTATION CONSULTANT RECOMMENDED Nursing Treats - Naturally support a healthy supply of breastmilk without risking the potential side effects of herbal supplements.
  • DELICIOUS AND EFFECTIVE SNACKS FOR LACTATION SUPPORT - Eliminate the need for supplements or use as an additional booster for producing breast milk. Great alternative to lactation cookie, tea, smoothies, protein powders, and bars!
  • EXCELLENT SOURCE OF KEY VITAMINS AND MINERALS - Nursing mothers need a ton of nutrients to stay healthy, happy, and full. Each serving is filled with healthy amounts of calcium, folic acid, and iron, Enjoy a lactation supplement that you can eat!