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Gift Set

Gift Set

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Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review
Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review

Mommy Knows Best has put together the perfect gift for any mom with a newborn. It includes our grapeseed oil and cellulite cream for a moms skin changes throughout her pregnancy and after. Our Lactation Fruit Mix and Blessed Thistle Supplement to help mom keep up with the hunger needs that come with having a newborn. Finally, it includes our tall cooler, that keeps moms breastmilk fresh by maintaining the right temperature for hours.

Cooler (for 8 oz bottles)

       - Mommy Knows Best Cooler Storage Bag locking in the cold for approximately 6 hours using an air-tight temperature controlled environment. Keeping your breastmilk fresh and free of bacteria, whether you are at work or traveling.

Lactation Fruit Mix

       - Mommy Knows Best Lactation Drink Mixes are carefully blended with key lactation producing ingredients (Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Goat’s Rue, and Blessed Thistle) that can help increase breastmilk supply in nursing mothers and replenish key nutrients mothers need. The drink mixes are formulated with Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Calcium among other key nutrients. While also being Gluten-Free, NON-GMO, Vegetarian, and Vegan Friendly - Hypoallergenic.

Blessed Thistle

       - It stimulates the flow of blood to the mammary glands and enriches breast milk production in nursing mothers as well as enriching breast milk with nutrients and antioxidants, making it beneficial for the baby. Improves let down and milk flow by helping to unclog pores in lactating mothers allowing for better let down of breast milk from the nipples helping produce a steady flow.

Cellulite Cream

       - 100% of test subjects said there was a significant improvement in overall appearance of the skin and and a decrease in appearance of cellulite of up to 90% over an 8 week period. (Request your free copy of the full clinical study results!). With our powerful ingredients the cellulite cream penetrates the skin effectively and helps decrease fat deposits and water retention on the affected area of the skin. Not only does it diminish the appearance of cellulite while dramatically increasing the skin’s smoothness, but it causes “REVERSE DIFFERENTIATION” causing fat cells and fat tissue to actually reverse its form into healthy, fibrolast-like tissue.

Grapeseed Oil

       - Vie Naturelle Grapeseed oil is an expeller-pressed (hexane-free), all-natural, non-GMO oil handcrafted from quality grape seeds, dried and then carefully crushed. Its very high-smoke point and neutral flavor make Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil the ideal partner for everyday healthy cooking. Because it is chemical-free and not extracted with hexane, Vie Naturelle Grapeseed Oil can be used as a moisturizer for smoother skin, face, and hair, and its commonly used as a carrier oil for use during massage.

Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review
... Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review