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Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

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Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review
Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review
Picked from the freshest avocado trees on the grass hills of Italy, you'll be hard pressed to find another avocado oil source that contains avocados that are fresh and nutrient dense. This is the Best Avocado Oil to use for Cooking, Baking, & Eating whether it's used on cold salads or drizzled over sliced organic fruit, it contributes a wonderful hint of avocado flavor to any dish. So densely packed with nutrients & healthy fats, you'll want to stock up by the gallon, and with our customer appreciation program, you'll find it simple and rewarding to order in bulk for great savings. Not only used for cooking, it also rejuvenates & moisturizes the body for softer, smoother skin on your face and hands - that's right! The same oil you can put in your food, you can use in your hair!

Vie Naturelle Avocado Oil For Healthy Skin

Avocado Oil contains a large variety of vitamins and properties that make it one of the most potent, deep-penetrating moisturizers available. It's loaded with vitamins A, E, and K which help preserve the skin's natural beauty by protecting against, and eliminating harmful free-radicals.

Vie Naturelle Avocado Oil For Healthy Hair

Our Pure Avocado Oil contains a high level of monounsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols. These two nutrients allow the oil to be easily absorbed by the hair shafts. This helps moisturize the hair and improves natural shine.
Massaging your scalp with our Pure Avocado Oil may help stimulate new hair growth by increasing blood circulation and helping unclog hair follicles.

Vie Naturelle Avocado Oil Makes the Perfect Birthday Gift

Is Mom's or Grandma's birthday coming soon? Looking for a nice surprise gift? Send her a bottle of our 100% Pure Avocado Oil! She will love the hydrating effect it has on her skin and hair.

The Benefits of Using Vie Naturelle's Pure Avocado Oil

✔100% Pure Avocado Oil - Neutral color and odor
✔Deep tissue moisturizer
✔Rejuvenates skin by providing vitamins A, E, and K
✔Great massage oil - Perfect as a carrier oil - mix with other essential oils and lotions
✔Helps improve natural hair shine
✔Massage into scalp to help stimulate hair growth

Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review
... Mommy Knows Best BBB Business Review

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