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I am a firm believer in Mommy Knows Best products. I just got 5 oz from let down! We were eating lunch and my let down happened, so I ran to get my Haakas! The more I eat these products, the more I get during a let down. These two products are my absolute favorite. I always have a container of cookies available at all time, 7 months strong thanks to Mommy Knows Best!




I tried lactation cookies for the first time! The other day I looked in the freezer and was shocked that I only had enough milk froze to last one more word week. I have been slacking on pumping during the weekends and at night especially since Sterling has been cluster feeding so this was a real wake up call. I drank a ton of water, ordered and made these delicious cookies, and couldn't be happier with the results. I will definitely be baking these least once a month to help stock up for my boy!  

Mandi Perez    

    Nicole Young


I have a two month old. I am exclusively breastfeeding/ pumping. He recently went through a growth spurt and began eating anywhere from 4oz a feeding up to 7oz in a feeding. Which then left me in a panic for about a week trying to make sure I was making enough milk for him. Constantly feeling guilty like I wasn't able to feed my baby appropriately and consistently leaving him hungry waiting more. I was also panicked because I am getting ready to go back to work and needing to store milk too.

I tried: Power pumping, exclusively breastfeeding (no pumping) and increasing my pumps in a day. They all seemed to give my the same amount of milk I was making before.

I looked up on Pinterest for other solutions and saw about brewer's yeast / lactation cookies. So I ordered Mommy Knows Best brewer's yeast and added 1/4C to my cookie mix. Within 4 hours I had an extra 3oz of milk! Now that I have been eating 3 of these cookies daily I am now making and extra 12oz a day minimum.

Baby is consistently full, weighs 16lbs and we not have 7 bags of extra milk already.




This mix is amazing.... I have noticed the past couple weeks my supply has been slowly dwindling down so I did some research and thought I would give this a try! It' has been helping me. However, what works for me may not work for everyone but it's worth giving it a shot! It is made with 6 lactation boosting ingredients, and also dairy and gluten free! Also, even if you do not breastfeed the cookies themselves are still good.

Sara Fernandez