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Nicole Young

Recently I learned #fenugreek decreases my milk supply. I started out with 40ml and went down to 15ml in 4 days! But then there was hope! I bought brewers yeast and in just one day my supply went up by 20ml especially in my non producing side!! That's good news! For mammas that are pumping or breastfeeding I'd give this a try! Thanks for the recommendation!

Mandi Perez

I can not believe I forgot how much I hated Aunt Flow. Every. Single. Month. I'm still breastfeeding on demand, yet she decided to come back from the dead. Ugh! 

I didn't know I was going to get my period. My supply dropped excessively, my hormones were out of wack more than usual and I panicked. JJ started solids so I thought I wasn't feeding him enough breastmilk 

Last month, I won a super sweet package from @mommyknowsbest (not sponsored) which included some bibs for JJ (super freakin' cute) nipple cream (gotta keep these babies smooth) and lactation cookie mix. I couldn't make them sooner since it's still Summer weather here in LA but I had no choice. I need more milkie! 

My husband helped bake them. With a nursing, teething babe and my hormonal almost feeling like death mamma, he came to my rescue and so did these cookies! They're so easy to mix and smelled absolutely delish! My husband even had a couple they're my favorite flavor. Oatmeal raisin. Seriously so good and so moist! 

3 days later and I'm feeling the effects. More milkie, happy baby and happy that I can pump again and get more than just a couple of ounces. I'm still feeling crappy b/c well, periods suck the life outta you BUT Im glad I can eat something delish that will help my supply. Thank you @mommyknowsbest for sending me this package, I'm gonna order more for sure!! What do you do or take when you get your period and gotta keep your supply up? • #mammasCafecito 

Heather Green

I have a two month old. I am exclusively breastfeeding/ pumping. He recently went through a growth spurt and began eating anywhere from 4oz a feeding up to 7oz in a feeding. Which then left me in a panic for about a week trying to make sure I was making enough milk for him. Constantly feeling guilty like I wasn’t able to feed my baby appropriately and consistently leaving him hungry wanting more. I was also panicked because I am getting ready to go back to work and needing to store milk too.  
I tried: 
⚡️Power pumping
⚡️Exclusively breastfeeding (no pumping)
⚡️Increasing my pumps in a day. 

They all seemed to give me the same amount of milk I was making before. 

I looked up on Pinterest for other solutions and saw about brewers yeast / lactation cookies. 

So I ordered Mommy Knows Best brewers yeast and added 1/4C to my cookie mix (pictured) I also love white chocolate chips in my cookies so I added some of those too! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Within 4 hours (my next pump) I had an extra 3 oz of milk! Now that I have been eating 3 of these cookies daily I am now making an extra 12oz a day minimum. 

Baby is consistently full, weighs 16lbs and we now have 7 bags of extra milk already. I only started these since 

They taste delicious, I made my husband try them as well as friends they all liked them! 

Sarah Fernandez

Tried lactation cookies for the first time! The other day I looked in the freezer and was shocked that I only had enough milk frozen to last one more work week. I have been slacking on pumping during the weekends and at night especially since Sterling has been clusterfeeding so this was a real wake up call. I drank a ton of water, ordered and made these delicious cookies, and couldn't be happier with the results. I will definitely be baking these at least once a month to help stock up for my boy! 

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