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  • WHEN YOU NEED MILK NOW & NOTHING ELSE WORKS - With over 4,000 MG of Milk Boosting Herbs!! The LACPAK is the mother of all lactation support supplements to quickly and safely boost breast milk supply.
  • FENUGREEK  - 1610 mg of Fenugreek Seed which contain hormone precursors that increase the body’s ability to produce breast milk as well as assist the stimulation of mammary glands and greatly improve your breast milk supply.
  • GOAT’S RUE  - 700 mg of goat rue to help facilitate let down of your breast milk so you can release the extra milk being produced.
  • BLESSED THISTLE  - 990 mg of blessed thistle improves gut health of both the mother and child for improved immunity and overall health and well being.
  • FENNEL SEED - 1,000 mg promotes milk production and stimulates the flow of breast milk. It also passes through the breast milk to your baby to help with his/her digestion and relives the symptoms of colic.

**5 Packs in Package

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