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March 04, 2020

I'm so excited to have Brenna Lansden back on the MomTalks Show! She just passed her test and training and is an official IBCLC! Yay!
For this interview, we reached out to you guys to ask your TOP breastfeeding questions and we got a lot! So we split this interview into three episodes. Here are the questions she will cover in today's episode:
1. How to wean from breastfeeding?
2. I had low milk supply with my first baby, will I have issues this next time around?
3. I notice a dip in my milk supply before and during my period, why is that?
4. What tips do you have for a mom with an oversupply of milk? I'm pretty uncomfortable.
5. How often do I need to clean and replace my pumping parts?
Part 2 of Top Breastfeeding questions will return on March 25th! In that episode Brenna covers how to keep your milk supply up once baby starts sleeping longer through the night, how to get your baby to take a bottle when going back to work, and so much more! If you want to be notified for this episode, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or make sure you're following us here! Thanks for watching!