Top 11 Diaper Bag Essentials

Top 11 Diaper Bag Essentials

Top 11 Diaper Bag Essentials

Top 11 Diaper Bag Essentials

I recently went from being a stay at home mom of 5 years, to a mom trying to juggle work outside the home again plus motherhood. My husband went from traveling for work 90% of the year to being home 24/7.

It’s been an adjustment to say the least. Haha

One thing I have realized is that my husband is not used to bringing a diaper bag with him wherever he goes and he is also not used to making sure said diaper bag is fully stocked and ready for whatever the day may bring.

One massive blowout from our daughter while they were out running errands taught him very quickly some necessities he definitely needs. I don’t think he will ever leave the house again without diapers and wipes.

Poor guy.

S o here are my top 11 items to never ever leave the house without!

1.Diapers -  This one seems like such a DUH but I promise you, forgetting diapers can happen to even the most seasoned parent. You think that you have plenty of diapers in your bag and so you leave without checking, only to realize in the middle of a target bathroom that you, in fact, are not prepared at all for this situation. Always always always check to make sure that you have a handful of diapers before leaving to go anywhere. Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that just because you’re running a quick errand means that your child won’t need a diaper change. Your baby can sense your over confidence and they will poop...a lot.

2. Wipes - not only will you need wipes for previously mentioned blowouts, but you will need them for approximately 123,093 other moments throughout your day. That snack you’re giving your child to stay distracted at the store has now turned into a thick paste all over their hands and face. Wipes! Your child sneezes and the most obscene amount of snot exits their face like an erupted volcano. Wipes! Your child walks up to you while playing at the park with a brown substances all over their hands. Chocolate? Durt? Poop? You don’t have time to analyze. Wipes! You get the picture...don’t leave home without wipes.

3. Binkies, Pacifiers, Nook, etc. - Whatever you call them, have at least 3 on hand at all times. Like socks in the dryer, pacifiers go missing without any explanation or warning. And you do not want to be caught in a moment that requires a pacifier, only to realize you do not have one on hand. Trust me.

4. Swaddle Blankets - I use these as burp cloths! Have you ever noticed that an actual burp cloth is pretty much useless? Yeah, me too. Swaddle blankets, although great for swaddling your child before they realize they can move, are the most efficient burp cloths. You will be surprised at how much spit up your sweet little baby can produce and even more surprised by the velocity in which it exits their tiny body. Why not cover as much of you as possible to protect from that? And honestly, you can use a normal burp cloth once MAYBE twice before it is soaked and needs to be washed again. A Swaddle Blanket can be used multiple times and is also handy if you find yourself out without a diaper changing pad.


5. Diaper Changing Pad - You do not {DO NOT} want to be caught in a diaper changing moment without something clean to put your child onto. So whether you go a more traditional route like this one, or you opt more for just bringing a blanket along to double as a diaper changing pad, just know you need something designated for this.

6. A&D Ointment - I have found that this works best for my kids diaper rashes. You, of course, can switch this out for whatever works for your kiddos, but just know that you need to have something on hand for diaper rashes. They can pop up out of nowhere, like kiosk workers at the mall, and are just about the same level of annoyance.

7. Phone Charger (car and wall) - We never leave home without our phones so we should always be prepared to keep them charged. If you have an emergency you don’t want to be left phoneless obviously. But you also will want to be ready to document your baby’s first steps, little giggles, and everything else crazy and adorable they do. And when they are older you’ll want to keep a charger on hand because Kids Youtube just might be your saving grace in the middle of the grocery store some day. You don’t want a low battery to get in the way of eliminating your child’s meltdown.

8. Hand Lotion - You will be washing your hands a lot and with that comes dry hands. I never leave home without my hand lotion! Hand sanitizing lotion is another great option.

9. Change of Clothes - Not for you, although now that I think about it...maybe? (See previous comment about projectile spit up.) But really, have at least one extra outfit on hand for your baby, especially in the first 2 years. If you don’t have much room in your bag for a whole other outfit then pajamas are a good option to have just in case of emergency.

10. Tylenol - Children’s and Adult! Teething pain and fevers can come out of nowhere and with those, you just might get a headache as well. I keep the children’s tylenol in a baggy to protect from leaks and to keep the syringe clean and with the meds. You don’t want to be fishing for that in the bottom of your bag.

11. Snacks, Snacks, and more Snacks - Individually packed snacks are a MUST! Whether you’re trying to avoid a meltdown, keep your kid awake in the car on the way home so they nap at home, or your child decides they are starving at the most inopportune moment, snacks will be your lifesaver. Mommy and Daddy just might need to dive into the stash as well because hangry happens.

My husband is learning, just like all parents are, and with every new milestone and season you will find that you need to add more to your list of must-haves. But remember that it should be a fun learning experience! Even tho he was caught in a very stinky situation, he was still able to laugh and learn from it. The most important thing to remember is to give yourself (and your partner) some grace in all of this. Because even after years of being a parent, we still forget things, and you will too!

So the next time you see a parent with that “Oh crap!” look in their eye as they scramble for a diaper at the changing station, hand them one of yours and send them my way. ; )

Amanda Hull

Mommy Knows Best - Brand Communications Manager

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