When Nothing Else Works:  Goat’s Rue Herb Provides An Allergy Friendly Lactation Solution

When Nothing Else Works: Goat’s Rue Herb Provides An Allergy Friendly Lactation Solution

When Nothing Else Works: Goat’s Rue Herb Provides An Allergy Friendly Lactation Solution

Goat's Rue

If your milk production is not where you want it to be, it can be frustrating trying to figure out the right solution to improve it. And it must be a natural and healthy solution for you and your baby. Herbs like blessed thistle and fenugreek seed have become widely used because of their natural properties in helping boost lactation.

Goat’s rue herb provides another all-natural option for any mother looking to improve her milk flow.

A perennial herb originating in Europe and Asia, goat’s rue (Galega officinalis) produces pretty flowers in a range of colors from white to pinkish to lilac or light blue — thus another common name, French lilac. In addition to its potent lactation-inducing ability, goat’s rue in dried plant form has historically been used for a variety of other medicinal purposes, mainly as a diuretic and to help control blood sugar.

Goat’s rue is often used in a tea or capsule form and is sometimes blended with other herbs. But as a strong galactagogue, goat’s rue works just fine on its own — which, as mentioned earlier, is beneficial to women and their babies who may be allergic or sensitive to other herbs.

The Goat’s Rue Vegetarian Capsules from Mommy Knows Best are a great example of the power of using pure goat’s rue herb powder (350 mg per capsule) to help new moms kickstart or boost their milk production in a safe and natural way. With the capsules being vegetarian in makeup, this supplement is specifically designed to be allergy friendly. They are dairy, gluten, salt, and sugar free, and also do not contain any peanuts, tree nuts, egg, or soy.

Breastfeeding mothers have reported to us that they’ve noticed an increase in milk production in as little as two days after using the supplement. One mom reported that she had lactation failure, but after taking Goat’s Rue, she was able to go from 0.5 ounces per pumping session to 2 ounces. Another mom related to us that she was able to go from 3 ounces per session to 7-8 ounces per session (every 3-4 hours).

Using goat’s rue in capsule form also means it’s quick and easy for moms to schedule into their day. The recommended dosage is one capsule taken four times a day for women under 180 pounds; for those over 180 pounds, the recommended dosage is two capsules three times a day.

Women have been using goat’s rue herb for centuries to boost milk production for a reason — it gets results. And if it’s formulated in an allergy friendly supplement like the Mommy Knows Best Goat’s Rue Vegetarian Capsules, all the better for you and your baby. You get the satisfaction of increasing your milk supply for your little one knowing you’re using a natural, time-tested, and allergen-free solution.

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