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September 20, 2018

3 Tips to Consider Before Choosing the Best OB/GYN

Designing the nursery, sanitizing bottles, and installing the carseat. These are all things new and expecting parents scramble to do prior to the arrival of their newborn. You may even have your infant’s pediatrician picked out before the little one even enters the world. But what about the care you and your baby receive prior to delivery? Choosing a doctor for your pregnancy and delivery is an extremely important step for expecting mothers. You want a doctor who respects your wishes and is open to new and different approaches to childbirth. If you’re unsure how to choose the right doctor for your pregnancy, this article is for you. Read on to discover three tips that will help you make an informed and confident decision.

1. Trust Your Gut

New moms will quickly learn that a mother’s instinct is real and it’s something you should trust. And this starts long before your baby is born. Following your gut instincts and your first impressions will help you choose the right doctor for your pregnancy. When you first meet the doctor, are they warm and welcoming or cold and standoffish? Do they ask you plenty of personal questions about how you’re feeling both emotionally and physically? Or do they stick strictly to the facts and only ask medically related questions? Depending on your demeanor, you may prefer a more straightforward doctor. Other mothers want a doctor who caters to all of their needs, both physically and emotionally. If you don’t feel comfortable during your first interaction, you may want to keep looking. After all, this is the person who will be bringing your baby into the world. It should be a doctor you are completely open and comfortable with. This way, you can be honest about any and all concerns or questions you might have.

2. Look for a Support System

The next thing to consider when choosing a doctor is if they support your birthing plan. Do you want a natural birth, free from pain medication? Are you curious about a water birth or delivering your child in the comfort of your own home? Even if you haven’t made a final decision regarding your birthing plan, the doctor you choose should be open to a variety of options. And if they aren’t, they should be honest enough to tell you this from the start. Avoid doctors who seem critical of your birthing plan or close-minded to alternative methods. At the end of the day, you are the mother and you have the right to deliver your baby the way you want. Find a doctor who supports this.

3. Consider Your Individual Needs

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or a specific care plan, choosing the right doctor for your needs is extremely important. Certain complications that may require special attention include high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Be sure to find a doctor who specializes in birthing mothers with these conditions. If this is your second child and your first birth was a C-section, you do have the option for a vaginal birth this time around - also known as VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean. Make sure your doctor is willing to accomodate your needs. Then, there are simple individual needs your doctor should meet. These include flexible business hours, multiple offices for convenience, and affiliation with the hospital of your choice. Consider all of your needs before choosing a doctor for your pregnancy.

Delivery day is one of the most exciting days of a new mother’s life. It’s the day when you will finally lay eyes on this tiny person growing inside you. On this day, you should be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. And this starts with knowing that your doctor is someone you can trust and who has your needs and interests in mind. Remember that when choosing the right doctor for your pregnancy.

Paula Zindler

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