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Breastfeeding Quiz:  Your baby is now one week old (3 of 4)

We are traveling through the first month of your breastfeeding journey with some thought provoking right and wrong answers. Stay tuned all week!

What do you expect from a week old baby?

You have made it through your first week as a new mom. You should be feeling better than you did four or five days ago... getting into the swing of things... recognizing a few patterns emerging along this breastfeeding journey. You probably spent most of the first day trying to get comfortable followed by two or three more days during which you can only remember feeding the baby and wishing you were sleeping more. And now, here you are.


  1.  My sore nipples will toughen up over time if I stick with it. (T/F)
  2. My 1-2 week old baby should be sleeping through the night.  (T/F)
  3. The best way from my partner to feel more involved is to give the baby a bottle of formula. (T/F)
  4.  I should leave my late afternoons free, as this is the time that my baby seems most hungry.  (T/F)
  5. My healthy 1-week-old baby is 1 ounce below his birth weight. His health care provider said he should have surpassed his birth weight by now and that formula should be given at the end of each breastfeeding session... with follow up appointment in 1 month.  (T/F)
  6. My healthy 1-week-old baby is 1 ounce below his birth weight. His healthcare provider reassured me that we were on the right path and made a referral to a lactation consultant, saying that the best way for us to be successful was with timely guidance and education. With follow up appointment in 48 hours.  (T/F)
  7. My healthy, vigorous baby has a soft, seedy, yellow bowel movement with nearly every feeding. This must be diarrhea. (T/F)


  1. False - pain means trauma is occurring. A better latch is needed, not time. 
  2. False - breastfeeding on demand sometimes means every 1-2 hours in the first 1-2 weeks, even in the night. 
  3. False - your partner can participate in many pleasurable ways... Bathing, baby-carrying, signing, and dancing... Providing nutrition isn't one of them. 
  4. True - this is a common time for hungry babies. Plan to relax and feed during these hours instead of feeling overwhelmed. 
  5. False - this mother-baby dyad needs support from an educated and caring HCP, not formula.  
  6. True - Bingo! 
  7. False - soft breastmilk stools with every feeding is the norm here. Diarrhea is usually not associated with a feeding, is foul smelling and often green. Call you HCP with any concerns. 

An evening feeding ritual is a lovely way for you to unwind at the end of your day, communicate with your baby and settle in for the night. It will help you establish what will become your bedtime-story time ritual with your toddler. Choose the most comfortable place for you to sit or recline as you feed your baby, play soft music, turn on a colored light, burn some incense... arouse all your senses to this special time... your evening peaceful ritual. You may just start having a let down as Mozart begins to play...

Paula Zindler 


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